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Expedit Software Package

Expedit is the software package tool intended to support the transport logistics business systems by providing the solution for efficient shipping order handling.


Main Features

Modern and intuitive graphical user interface. Client - server oriented architecture.

Programmed with industry proven software libraries, Expedit follows the design standards.


Remote client customization

Customer accounts are manageable remotely, over the Internet.

This feature allows the operators to block or unblock any customer account remotely, switch the account between regular or cash-only mode, change customer settings regarding the applicable services and/or service combinations, and to enable or disable certain billing type.

Remote customization is applicable either on the global level, or individually per user account.

This feature does not require any specific network settings.


Shipment status tracking - from creation to delivery

Expedit client application users are able to follow the complete life cycle of their shipments, i.e. to track the shipment status. Even after shipping, Expedit server updates the shipment status by sending the feedback to the client.

Upon delivery, local application receives the server update so the user knows that their shipment is delivered.


Cross-platform software package

Any Expedit component can run under different operating systems. Both client and server components are able to run on Windows, Linux or Mac and to communicate with each other - regardless on their platform.

Having in mind that the client application should be distributed to many clients with different computer configurations, such functionality is substantial.


Automated software updates - online and offline

Both Expedit client and backoffice components are equipped with the automatic software update facility. Neither customer data is affected in any way due to updates, nor the software re-installation is required.

For those clients with no Internet connection, software updates are packaged and distributed together with the new number ranges, so even offline clients are up to date.


Code internationalization

Both server and client applications are fully internationalized.

Internationalization includes localization of graphical user interface, system and error messages shown to the user as well as log messages, and all the printable documents produced by Expedit.

Besides the language translation, localization takes care about the language specific formats for dates and currency.


Unified document look and feel

Expedit printing subsystem internally creates PDF documents on-the-fly, prior to printing. Such approach guarantees the same look and feel of the printouts once they reach the service center, regardless on the client's computer platform or laser printer model.

Thus, the appearance and quality of printed labels and bar codes are not client-dependent.


Embedded database

Both server and client are equipped with embedded database subsystem, for efficient handling of potentially huge datasets.

Database is embedded into the application, there is no need to manage the database server software separately.

Our clients

Our clients are the leading express carrier service companies from several European countries.

With more than 12.000 Expedit shipper application instances, thousands of shipments are processed on daily basis.

Honest pricing. No surprises.

Long-term pricing with no hidden costs.

Possibility to implement additional features upon request.

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